The Mentoring Scheme was initiated since 2014.  IAF Singapore has successfully conducted our 2nd run of the scheme between 2015 to 2016.  More news will be posted when we start our 3rd run in 2017.



  • To support IAF Singapore members with some facilitation experience in exploring the path of  becoming a Certified Professional Facilitators


  • 6 sessions within a maximum period of 6 months


  • Provided by Certified Professional Facilitators (CPFs)



  • There is no charge for this programme.  We are thankful to our CPFs who volunteered their service to the facilitator community in the spirit of development and growth of the profession. We do, however, encourage our mentees to at least buy our mentors a cup of tea/coffee when you meet up with your mentors for sessions.


Mentee - Mentor Engagement Process

  • Share expectations & code of practice for mentoring
  • Formal agreement on the engagement process between the mentor and mentee
  • Ongoing regular one-to-one mentoring for 6 sessions within a maximum period of 6 months
  • Mutual feedback
  • Closure of engagement