IAF Singapore adopts a 3Ms approach with the following key objectives:

  1. To provide platforms and opportunities for awareness and education on methodologies models, tools and models that support the practice of exemplary participatory facilitation.
  2. To provide a network to foster interchange between local and international professional practitioners in the field.
  3. To act on behalf of IAF Global to ensure IAF Singapore memberships are in accordance to IAF rules and regulation.
  4. To develop and promote market awareness of the value of professional facilitation through applied research work.


Our 3Ms Approach 



Member Care

The Chapter aims to raise connectivity within the local facilitator community as well as to promote collaboration and networking between the IAF members in Singapore and members from the other IAF regions through the various initiatives and activities.


Member Development

The Chapter aims to build capacity in the facilitation community through initiatives like Mentoring Scheme that provides opportunities for individuals who want to (1) improve their facilitation skills, (2) explore facilitation as a professional practice and (3) become Certified Professional Facilitators. The Chapter initiates activities with the intention to support the constant development of personal practice and journey of members of the facilitation community.


Membership Development

The Chapter aims to promote IAF membership in Singapore through planned events such as our quarterly Connect sessions held on Saturday mornings. The Connect sessions provide opportunities for new and existing members of the facilitation community to learn facilitation competencies, practices and methods from experienced facilitators and practitioners to enhance the learning process. The Chapter also collaborates with groups from the fields of Coaching, Training and Organisation Development to promote facilitation in Singapore. The Chapter works with these groups to publish the events of both parties and offer discounted rates to attend each other Through this way, the Chapter hope to highlight and communicate the value of facilitation as a professional skills set and the ability to provide quality facilitation service to organisations and communities in Singapore.