Event Date: Mon, 21 Nov 2016 1:00pm to Mon, 21 Nov 2016 3:00pm

Location: Vivocity Starbucks

Working with Corporate Clients, hosted by Doreen Teo.

It is of paramount importance to build relationship with our clients. We will be discussing and sharing of ideas about the “Ins and Outs” of working with Corporate Clients, in the area of coaching and facilitative training.  

  •  What are they looking for and what can you offer? 
  •  Who are the stakeholders involved?  
  •  What are you investing in yourself and others to get the foot-in-the-door?   

This will be a session of candid sharing and Q&A for anyone interested inworking with corporate clients.


What is Food for Thought Initiative?

We realized that when facilitators get together and chat over coffee or a meal, something magical always happen! Conversations we have are always enlightening, energy is always positive, there are always new discoveries, insights and learning! In this initiative, IAF SG members can initiate small group conversations relating to facilitation over coffee, tea or perhaps even over dinner! The host decides how many people comes for the session (we recommend up to 6 for optimal sharing), the topic of discussion, where & when to meet up. IAF SG will facilitate the signup process. 

Over a warm cosy meal, we want to encourage fellow facilitators to connect, exchange ideas and insights, and to learn and grow together as an IAF SG community.


What will I experience at "Food for Thought" sessions? 

 ✧ Come chill and be yourself. Each session (typically 2-3 hours) takes place in a casual, relaxed and cosy atmosphere.

  Buy your own food and drinks. Keep the information free-flowing. 


Specially for IAF Members - REGISTER FREE! 

   Register Free with the Complimentary Ticket code sent to you via email (or ask us for the code in a private message on IAF SG Facebook page!)

 ✧  Not an IAF Member? CONNECT with an attending IAF Member and ASK them to register for your complimentary guest ticket! 



Is this for Me?

YES! If you ...

   Are an existing IAF member looking to build connections with like-minded facilitators

   Want to have a conversation on a topic you are passionate about

   Want to get like-minders to explore issues/challenges with you

   Desire to experience the unique benefits of being part of the IAF

   Want to give back to the facilitation community and meaningful causes

   Wish to grow enduring networks that would support your personal and professional growth as a facilitator